Monday, March 10, 2008

Turning Point

It was a really hard decision to make.. I left "Aroma"!! and now I'm working as a free contractor with "Maspiro" this is a big turning point in my career..
  • I decided to leave the web industry for ever as I am finally convinced that I must pursuit my career in animation without any diversions.
  • I decided to leave Aroma as I realized that I will always be only a tool there, never a really creative artist with his own vision. even if this vision is still immature, it won't grow up in "Aroma".
  • I decided to never work a full time job, if I really want to be an independent artist.
  • I decided to work with "Maspiro" as a free contractor artist, so I can have a good income while I have time to lead my life anyway I want.
Everybody thinks I'm crazy.. I don't know maybe I am. but hey.. I'm still 24 what could happen :D

Friday, March 7, 2008

Stay or Leave

I got a job offer in The Egyptian National Radio and Television Union, witch we call "Maspiro", the job is in the Art department of the Nile Channels division. the problem is the salary is not very high but anyway I decided to leave "Aroma" actually I decide to leave web design and development field. I'm an animation artist and I don't want to forget that.

This where it got really complicated.. the day that I was talking to my manager about leaving is the day that he told me that they will transfer me to the "Creative Department" to work as an animator. this was the second time they punched me in the face!

Now I'm to confused.. should I stay and be a creative member of the most successful advertising studio in Egypt? or should still be leaving?

They gave me some time to think it out. in the mean while I started a task with a guy called "Rahmy" in the creative team. it's a campaign about traffic laws. I think it's like they are giving me some sedative! I don't know.. anyway this is the illustration I made from Rahmy's sketches.