Saturday, January 18, 2003

Ancient Egypt

I've always been fascinated with ancient Egyptian culture. while studying pharaonic art and architecture in college, I collected the aspects of the legend of Isis & Osiris. I've so  many sketches and concepts about this legend. these backgrounds and character designs where done using Flash!

Saturday, January 4, 2003

Macromedia Flash

I found what I'm searching for.. Macromedia Flash is the solution to all my problems. at last a decent animation software with interface that doesn't drive you nuts. and it's totally me I'm feeling it.

This software's power is beyond anything I've seen.. you can create your animations from A to Z and you can draw, design and animate simultaneously, I'm talkin about drawing your animationand timing it and syncronize it to sound in the same time!!

The structure of the software is an invention.. the library thing is genius, but the most marvelous feature is.. the TIME LINE, goodbye inconvenient, uncomfortable Xsheet.

The vector art has been always my favorite, it gives you quality and it needs less processing.

This is my first animation, it's not that good, very short, possibly meaningless. But Hey.. this is my FIRST animation.. and I am very happy with it.