Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Our friend from Virginia US who was a client at first, now became more of a business partner to Apex. since my debut in actionscript "Hawaii Luxury Stone" he managed to get me more than one job. I'm very enthusiastic about the challenges.

Here is one job witch is in the same style, CMS included. it's a website for a company in flooring business called Better Floors Inc. I guess I started a luxury trend or something :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Apex gained some power. and now we have multiple online clients, we are fast learners, so we picked it up pretty fast. I've never thought that I'll get that good with code. it appears that I like programming after all, thanks to by brother who taught how to use actionscript. I'm discovering myself all over again.

My first full dynamic website was for a company that sells luxury granite called "Hawaii Luxury Stone" I did the website complete with a CMS (Control Management System) it's fully dynamic, fully interactive, easy to update and manage, very clean and neat and of course.. has a very high budget :D

The CMS part was more like application development. dragging and dropping, image cropping, real-time editing, auto-saving and error reporting system. it's all object oriented and full proof. for me.. it was a triumph!

I did it all in Flash! beside a little php scripting just for writing files and sending e-mails. It is so so sad that I can't show you the CMS but here is the link to the website itself :