Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aroma Creatives

it's been 3 months now, since I got the job here in "Aroma". it's like hell to me. I'm not built for this.. wake up early every morning, ride the subway down town, sit in front of desktop monitor for like 10 hours or more!! and guess what.. all I can see is the code lines that I write! nothing more. I didn't even noticed that it was 3 months till now.

I did some good work, but it was all canceled. they say that canceled projects are more than the accepted ones. and there is nothing wrong with that!! I say it is totally frustrating.

The only good thing that I did here is the website of the creative division of the company and it's called "Aroma Creatives" this project took me a very long time to complete. it's like 4000 lines of code! all in actionscript. I think what is good about it that it didn't have a deadline and I knew it won't be canceled. I wish I could show you the CMS, but here is the link to the front end website. it's the best website I ever did.