Sunday, May 20, 2007


Genius is my new friend, "Genius" is a pen Tablet that I bought to save myself, it's funny that you can by something that will save you! as if it really would. anyway I'm still not accustom to it. using Tablet is a really hard thing to do I'm telling you. before I get it.. I felt that it was a must. as I know that the more you become digitized the more you can go on. but now that I have it.. I feel like I want to run away from it!

It's not the Tablet but it's me. it's my graduation nightmare. I still don't see the film in my mind. what keeps me from going on is that I hope that I come up with a new idea that will push everything. but still nothing. I think I'm stuck with the idea that "Galal" gave me. but it's just like a seed of a an idea, and it didn't grew up yet.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

One Last Shot

Here I am.. in my last year at college! it all went pretty fast. yesterday I was a freshmen and today I'm going to be a graduate! I've had some nice time, I think I did well. but.. I still think of my self as a beginner. I look back and I don't see where or when  it all happened! while I was waiting to get a chance to make my first attempts and tryouts, now I'm supposed to make my last and full animation project in college. it's like the one last shot that will define you. it's my graduation project and it's deadline is 2 month or less from now!

I've taken too much time to think of an idea for the project, and I come up with nothing. my friend "Galal" gave me a small idea as a chance to work myself out of this. I don't know what's wrong, this is sick.

Anyway I did some tryouts to present the look and feel of the film to my teachers.. it was not the right thing as I knew it's not what I'm going for. it was just not right.