Sunday, December 27, 2009


Guys.. I bought a Cintiq :D

For anyone who doesn't know what the "Cintiq" is. it's a pen display tablet.. simply a Tablet with a screen on it. can you imagine the difference that it could make? no more hard time with connecting your eye with your arm. your actually drawing directly on the screen. This could save plenty of time and effort. and of course insures the quality.

Cintiq is a wacom tablet, witch means it is the best, and witch also means it is expensive. I got me the little one "12wx" and it cost me a fortune. anyway I'm so happy with it.

I drew this sketch once I installed it on my computer.. I guess it means "Now what?!!"

Monday, December 14, 2009

Robocon Animatics

The guys at Robocon needed a promo for the contest, and it will be animated in 3D. as the project's art director, I did this animatics. it was based on the mascot character and the theme of the contest witch is "Robots building Pyramids!"