Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Ancient Egypt

In my continuous exploring around the legend of Isis & Osiris. i'm trying to use my new digital style to create concepts for the subject. using Macromedia Fireworks. here are some pieces..

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Path Tool

My new digital technique using path tool to produce inking effect, it's a hard long process, so it can't be applied to animation, but it's useful in comics and strips illustration. I've been shoked when i knew that it was already an old technique! :D

This is what I accomplished with this technique using an old friend.. "Macromedia Fireworks"

Saturday, September 6, 2003

Goodbye Max

I gave it to much thought and i came to this decision.. I'm going to stop learning 3ds Max Studio or any 3 dimension computer graphics. i know it looks like it doesn't make since. but here is my explanation:

3ds Max Studio has a long term learning process that i was willing to go through as i see 3D graphics now everywhere, specially on the big screen. but i realized that i was doing that only as a shortcut to get to my dream job.. witch is ANIMATION. and now i find that this shortcut may take up to 4 years! and i only will master a SOFTWARE!.. it will be awesome though.. i can work in animation field, be a part of theatrical animation production.. basically.. become a TOOL for animation creators an directors to produce their imagination!

But now.. what if i wanted to be a CREATIVE animation artist or director or both?.. I have to say that 3D graphics is only a projection of what is done in 2D. Concept Art, Character Design, Layoutes and Background Design all done in 2 dimensions as sketches and pieces of art done by a really creative artists.

Judging myself by looking to the level that i got to in drawing at least.. it didn't take time for me to figure it out. i have to use those 4 years to gain Experience and knowledge about Animation and ART in general. it's History, Theories, Styles, Techniques, Experiments and even Tricks! I'm in FINE ARTS college already. and I'm going in animation department next year. So.. why the hurry? lets just stay the course.

This is a character model I did back in 2001 for my "Sergeant Cockroach", in the second image i used "Radiosity" in the rendering process. i guess it's my way to say goodbyes to the software!