Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Robocon is a robot contest! it's being held by Higher Education Ministry and ERTU "Egypt Radio and Television Union" for the colleges and institutes to contribute as teams, I guess the purpose is to encourage the robotic industries. the event holds locally every year in different countries around the world under the banner of ABU "Asia-pacific Broadcasting Union", and holds Internationally in one of those countries every year also.

This year Robocon international contest will be held in Egypt. aside from the local Robocon contest. That's two big events in one year. anyway a friend of mine in Maspiro "Sherif" -He has my name!- recommended me to the Union to design the logo and identity of this year's both local and international contests.

I started with putting concept arts and logo designs as a presentation to the organizers. nothing they liked so far. I still can't tell what are they have in mind.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cultural Center

Friend of mine "Mansour" he is aslo a fellow teacher at college. he is creating a short film for the "Cultural Center" about the fascination of books. it's involved in some cultural campaign of reading books I guess. anyway he did the artwork and the character design and the layout of the film, and he asked me to do the animation. the budget on this was very low but I'm happy to work on it.

This is some sample shots that are still in production process.